About Us

Our Firm

The Canyon Group is a consulting group that specializes in representing owners of independent propane operations that wish to consider selling their firms or have an evaluation done of their business.

For the past 18 years, we have established a reputation of being well respected, both by our clients, the owners, as well as the buyers that have acquired the companies that we presented.

Our Mission

Most of our clients have started from scratch, establishing their propane operation from the ground up and growing their successful business through years of hard work and constant attention.

Our main objective is to put our clients on a level playing field with those who wish to acquire their business.  We are very familiar with the wants and needs of each acquiring company and organize our presentation to meet the desires of each potential buyer.  It is a popular misconception that most major acquisition people are attempting to acquire a business at the lowest possible price.  It is our opinion that they are mostly concerned with acquiring a business at a price that meets with the approval of their Board of Directors, with the financial and operational data that supports the price being paid.  We are familiar with those requirements.

Our objective is to provide a fair and optimal price for the company.  We strive to provide a transaction that is lasting, with no post-closing issues.

We realize the emotion the owner has to deal with when considering selling and are sensitive to that.  Since we understand the connection an owner has with his employees, customers and local reputation, we conduct our activities in respect of that.

Our Agreement

The agreement we execute with our clients is designed to leave the owner in control of the acquisition process.  It provides that the owner can control all aspects of the acquisition procedure.  This includes the owner’s agreement for each potential buyer we wish to present. We obviously suggest that The Canyon Group handle most of the initial information that a prospective buyer needs.  Additionally, we suggest that information requests and questions by the potential buyer be routed through our office, particularly early in the process.  We are familiar with those questions and understand the intent of the query.

The Canyon will handle all negotiations and contact with the buyer if desired by the owner.


The Canyon Group charges a commission on each transaction that closes and is paid for. We do not charge for expenses incurred and do not ask for up-front fees. We only charge a fee if the business is actually acquired and paid for. Other than the commission charged for a successful sale of the business, the only cost to our client is the time spent in providing us with the information needed for a proper presentation to qualified Buyers. Nothing pleases us more than helping the owners receive the just reward for their years of effort.